Student of the Quarter

Congratulations to all the students’ of the quarter for the 1st Quarter!

Sean Cashman –  Laconia High School - Law Enforcement

Logan Patten – Winnisquam Regional High School - Law Enforcement

Chelsey Drouin – Laconia High School - Health Science II

Alise Shuten  – Belmont High School - Health Science I

Joseph Lemke - Gilford High School - Health Science I

Caitlyn Allerdice -  Winnisquam Regional High School - Resort and Recreation

Taylor Sullinvan – Laconia High School - Financial Management

Savannah Yasharian - Winnisquam Regional - Business Management

Lauren Mercuri - Gilford High School – Allied Health II

Colin Horton –  Laconia High Schoo – Building Construction II

Joshua Bolduc - Gilford High School - Building Construction I

Riley Woods – Belmont High School - Building Construction I

Brycen Martin - Laconia High School - Law Enforcement

Chaz Hacking  - Belmont High School - Mfg. Eng. Tech 2

Nick Murray – Laconia High School - Pre Eng. 2

Courtney-Jean Stevens - Gilford High School - MET/pre Eng 1

Cierra Pinkney - Laconia High School - Careers in Education II

Elizabeth Davis - Laconia High School - Careers in Education I

Miranda Bushnell - Gilford - Careers in Education  I

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Culinary Arts Students Demonstrate Community Spirit

HTC_HTC_d3s6823_sStudents from the Culinary Arts Program at the Huot Technical Center are excited about their accomplishments and learning and wanted to show the community how they have mastered the concepts.   With proficiency, pride, and community spirit, the students participated in two meaningful community events.

First, the students baked cookies for the “Hands Across the Table” (HATT) dessert auction. Students teamed together, producing over 12 dozen assorted cookies to donate to the charity. The lesson was not only in the skills of baking, but the importance of good citizenship and developing community goodwill through their positive contribution. The cookie project helped HATT continue with their mission to offer free hot meals every Wednesday night from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall of St. Andre Bessette. This is truly an invaluable lesson at this giving time of year.

The second notable event hosted by the students was the Huot Culinary Arts First Annual Parents Dinner. Junior and senior students studying Culinary Arts showcased their skills and created a four-course meal.  Over 50% of invited parents participated in the event, coming from Belmont, Center Harbor, Franklin, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith and Winnisquam. The dinner was creatively crafted and comprised of appetizers, salad, various entrees and many delicious desserts all prepared and served by the students. Parents were proud and delighted to see their children in action, sample their creations, and communicate with teachers in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Parents were very impressed and enthusiastic about the positive environment of the program. One parent expressed appreciation by stating that her son enjoys this program – he does not want to miss a day.

The Culinary Arts program is a hands-on operation that provides the students with fundamental skills needed for employment in the food service industry and higher education. 100% of the students earn the Food Handlers Servsafe Certification and acquire a high standard of learning with both occupational training and academic excellence, which makes them prepared for their future college and career goals.  Immersed in the culinary world at the Huot, students master the use of food preparation, equipment and tools, menu planning principles, effective communication, math calculations, safety and sanitation, workflow between dining room and kitchen operations, recipe conversions, team work, time management, commitment and more.

Career Pathways for students after graduating from the Huot include: Cook, Executive Chef, Baker, Pastry Chef, Food Service Manager, Dietician, Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, General Manager.
For more information on the Culinary Arts program please contact:

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National Technical Honor Society Inducts 24 Students

Congratulations to the new members of the National Technical Honor Society. On Wednesday night, November 19th,  24 students from the Huot Technical Center were inducted into the prestigious National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) for outstanding achievement in their career & technical education programs.


Back row, left to right: William Gove, Automotive Technology, Zachary Hancock, Building Construction, Sean Cashman, Law/Pre-Engineering, Isaac Muniz, Plumbing & Heating, Eli Sorrell, Multimedia Communications, Devin Brown, Plumbing and Heating, Devin Akerley, Plumbing and Heating, Mohammad Abu Zaid, Multimedia Communications, Michael Ball, Plumbing and Heating, Danielle Maupin, Treasurer, Health Science and Technology, Kaidee Keyser, Health Science and Technology,  Emily Hauptman, Automotive Technology, Chelsey Drouin, Health Science & Technology,  David Engelsen, Health Science & Technology.   Front row: Alicia Gebo, Culinary Arts,  Devi Dhakal, Health Science & Technology, Nicole Rosas, Health Science & Technology, Bonita Olivares, Careers in Education, Sable Muzzey,  Careers in Education,  Lily Chanthasak, President, Allied Health Careers, Samantha Silva, Health Science & Technology, Taylor Cullen, Vice President, Health Science & Technology, Alyssa Hodges, Careers in Education, Sarah Dragon, Historian,  Health Science & Technology.



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Building Construction students connect to the community

Building Lockers 1Students from the Building Construction class built lockers for the non-profit, Gunstock Ski Club (GSC).   The club has grown in recent years and storage lockers used by members were in short supply. The perfect solution was to partner with the Building Construction program at the Huot Technical Center and local business Boulia Gorrell Lumber and Trustworthy Hardware.
The locker project was an excellent learning tool for the Building Construction students that provided quality education emphasizing core academic content, workplace competencies, technical skills, and better prepared students to meet challenges of the workforce.  The students successfully rose to all the challenges presented; the lockers were finished on time and completed to a high standard.

Boulia Gorrell Lumber provided materials for the project at discounted prices and Trustworthy Hardware donated the hardware need to provide tamper resistant doors.
To ensure the successful delivery to Gunstock Mountain, the students committed to a 5:00am start on a cold and wet Saturday morning, they  were all very competent, confident and happy to be part of the team.    GSC looks forward to having the quality built, low maintenance lockers for many years to come.


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