Business support of education is alive and well at the Huot Center. The regional career center located in Laconia recently received significant donations from Tractor Supply in Tilton and Eptam Plastics of Northfield.

Tractor Supply has donated material several times in the past with this year’s donation consisting of well over a $1000 in power equipment. The equipment, mostly hand tools, were part of a product-line switch over. A variety of brand new saws, drills, impact drivers and grinders will be put into immediate use across the center.

Eptam’s donation of tooling specific to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are capable of cutting various metals e.g. steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and many classifications of plastics. Because many of the tools are made from a solid-carbide material, they can cut materials at much greater speeds and can last much longer. In addition, some tools have a diamond particle coating for machining abrasive plastics; something Huot students have never been able to experience because of the tool cost which can range from $300 and up for each tool. Dozens of these tools were donated to the center’s Manufacturing and Engineering program.

The Huot Center is fortunate to receive many donations of both material, time and scholarship money each year from a variety of local businesses and individuals who support the school’s mission.

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Huot Students to Represent New Hampshire in National Competition

Training the Technicians of the Future

Huot Automotive students and  Liam Gove, 17, a senior at Winnisquam Regional High School and Ryan Despres, 18, a senior at Belmont High Schoolare proud to be representing New Hampshire in The National Automotive Technology Competition, April 7, 2015.

Huot Automotive students and Liam Gove, 17, a senior at Winnisquam Regional High School and Ryan Despres, 18, a senior at Belmont High Schoolare proud to be representing New Hampshire in The National Automotive Technology Competition, April 7, 2015.

Ryan Despres and Liam Gove, two senior students from the Huot Technical Center Automotive Program, qualified to represent the state of New Hampshire in The National Automotive Technology Competition being held on April 7, 2015. The two students received the highest combined scores in the state based on a test proctored by the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association.

The two-day National Automotive Technology Competition, held in New York City, is a test of skill, a measure of knowledge, and a race against the clock-all rolled into one. It features hundreds of the nation’s best high school automotive education students from across the country competing for the title of The Nation’s Best Automotive Technician. This year more than $3 million in prizes and scholarships will be awarded to participating students and schools thanks to the generous support of almost every major automaker, industry suppliers, local dealerships, and dealer associations.

Each two-person student team must diagnose and repair a number of pre-assigned problems under a car’s hood within an allotted amount of time. Each “bug” correctly repaired is worth a number of points, depending on the level of difficulty. In addition, the student’s overall knowledge is tested through a series of written tests prepared by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)

The students have demonstrated excellent attendance, perseverance and dedication in their automotive class. Teacher, Steve Clavett, is confident in the student’s capabilities as they are senior students who have been through a very rigorous 2 year class and are now very competent and confident in working with all aspects of automotive technology.

Ryan said, “I am very excited to be a finalist in this National Automotive Tech Competition, as it feels very rewarding to have accomplished such a feat like this. Mr. Clavett and Mr. Annis are great teachers who are very knowledgeable teaching us an automotive concept one day and then applying it applying it in depth the next day. I plan to continue my education in the automotive field not just in full service repair but also in high performance application and customization.” Liam, 18, is proud to be a finalist and credits his success to the Automotive Program, “Enrolling in the Automotive Program at the Huot Tech my junior year was a no brainer, as it offered top of the line equipment and instruction. I have learned how to tackle complicated repairs, by taking everything one-step at a time and not being intimidated by the machine.”

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Huot Career and Technical Center Signs Credit Agreement with Plymouth State University

Students at the J. Oliva Huot Career and Technical Center will have more opportunities to demonstrate their college readiness in the coming year.

Topping the list of expanded partnerships is a five-credit articulation agreement with Plymouth State University. Through this arrangement, students completing the Huot Center’s Bio-Medical Technology program will have the opportunity to earn four credits in biology at PSU and one credit for a lab safety course. Huot Center administration sees this agreement as the first step in an expanded relationship with the University.

“Research shows us that students need to do something beyond high school to succeed in most career fields,” explains HTC Director David Warrender. “That could be a professional certificate, apprenticeship or a two- or four-year college. With our programming expanding into areas such as health science, criminal justice and high-end technology, the four-year degree is really becoming the norm.” Warrender anticipates the two schools working together on agreements for subjects such as business and careers in education in the months ahead.

For Plymouth State, the agreement means a direct connection with potential students who have already narrowed down their long-term career goals. “PSU is excited to be able to provide Huot bio-medical technology students a direct pathway into our biological sciences and chemistry programs. Enabling these students to advance into rigorous specialized courses provides them with opportunities to engage in undergraduate research, promotes strong student-faculty mentoring and keeps students on a dynamic career trajectory,” said PSU President Sara Jayne Steen. “We look forward to developing additional partnerships with the Huot Career and Technical Center that will include business, criminal justice, education and the health professions.”

The bio-medical technology program at HTC provides students with authentic laboratory experiences to explore careers as researchers, geneticists, biochemists, epidemiologists, forensic scientists, pharmacists and other clinical laboratory careers. Students learn about DNA and genetics, microbiology, genetic engineering, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology. The use and application of advanced laboratory techniques and equipment that replicate the work being done by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies around the world—and in New Hampshire—is also taught.

The Huot Center serves high school students from across the Lakes Region. Students or parents interested in learning more should contact their high school guidance counselor or contact the Huot Center at (603) 528-8693. For more information about Plymouth State University visit

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Plumbing & Heating Career Exploration Panel

Plumbing & Heating Career Panel

Plumbing & Heating Career Panel

On Wednesday, January 14, The Huot Technical Center offered an exploration panel to provide information about careers in Plumbing and HVAC systems.  Students from the Huot Center Plumbing and Heating Class and the regional sending schools attended the panel discussion made up of guest speakers from local companies and agencies.

Students had the opportunity to hear firsthand how their education will play out in the real world – and the future is bright!  The Heating and Plumbing field has been established by the Federal Government as a “Bright Outlook” field, meaning employment is expected to grow rapidly for the next several years and will have large amounts of openings, including in areas of new and emerging occupations.  The plumbing industry is an up-and-coming career that requires training and a strong, dedicated personality.  Becoming a plumber with the education from the Huot Plumbing program helps ensure a secure job, and a good income.  During the discussion, students discovered that the plumbing industry is one of the most stable careers in the country, and trained workers in the heating and plumbing fields are in high demand in today’s world.

Harvey Woodside of the Granite Group echoed these statements, explaining that once trained, a plumber could gain employment in any location around the country and the world. Bob Terrio of Stafford Oil, explained how the majority of the plumbing and heating workforce are seasoned employees, and the need for a young competent workforce is immanent. Cliff Grenon, an alumni from the Huot Tech Plumbing and Heating class 2001 and Jason Cross, both from Laconia Refrigeration, explained how their role relies on self-discipline, and is challenging; always varied with opportunities to  constantly learn new approaches and work with new technologies. RJ Pauley, a 2014 Huot Plumbing and Heating Alumni, discussed how he gained successful employment at Granite State Heating & Plumbing, LLC. and enrollment into the apprenticeship program. RJ shared how the Huot program helped him advance in his apprenticeship.  Because his class hours at the Huot were taken into consideration, he was able to complete the typical 4-year program in only 3.  Fran Wendelboe, President of the Belmont 4-H Fairgrounds described how the 2nd year plumbing students have been invaluable in the renovation of the 300-year-old building.  Fran gave great advice of work practices and expectations, and tied in local industry practices with state legislation.

Students were encouraged to ask questions and talk individually with the employers. They were excited about the potential areas of employment, which include: Private Contractors, Plumbing Supply Companies, Building Supply Companies, Federal State and Local Governments, Industry and Institutions (Maintenance), Heating Supply Companies, Air Conditioning Supply Companies, Fuel Oil Companies.

The Huot Technical Institute is grateful for the continued relationships within the community.  The local guest speakers offered a face and inspiring testimonial to the purpose of what students are learning.  Students walked away with a greater insight into their options after completing the Heating and Plumbing program, and the possibilities of pursuing a successful career.

For more information on the Huot Technical Center Plumbing and Heating Program, please contact Mike Schofield – mschofield@laconiashools.orgg

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2015-2016 Applications Now Being Accepted

HTC_HTC_d3s6037_sAre you interested in jump-starting your college and career goals? Enrolling in a program at the Huot Career and Technical Center is the perfect way to get a head start on your future. Best of all, applying to the Huot Center is easy!

We are open to high school students from across the Lakes Region. If you are currently a sophomore, you can speak with your guidance counselor for more information on programs at the Huot Center. We will also be visiting your school in the weeks to come with a presentation about all the Huot Center has to offer.   First year (new) students apply directly to with their high school guidance counselor. Parents can also be part of the process by exploring our website or attending our spring Open House in March, date TBA.

HTC_HTC_d3s6593_sReturning, Level II, students apply through the Huot Center office. Spots are limited and all students are advised to apply before the February 20th priority deadline. Students are encouraged to consider a second choice option should their first choice be full. Specific requirements for level II enrollment are listed in our handbook.

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Student of the Quarter

Congratulations to all the students’ of the quarter for the 1st Quarter!

Sean Cashman –  Laconia High School - Law Enforcement

Logan Patten – Winnisquam Regional High School - Law Enforcement

Chelsey Drouin – Laconia High School - Health Science II

Alise Shuten  – Belmont High School - Health Science I

Joseph Lemke - Gilford High School - Health Science I

Caitlyn Allerdice -  Winnisquam Regional High School - Resort and Recreation

Taylor Sullinvan – Laconia High School - Financial Management

Savannah Yasharian - Winnisquam Regional - Business Management

Lauren Mercuri - Gilford High School – Allied Health II

Colin Horton –  Laconia High Schoo – Building Construction II

Joshua Bolduc - Gilford High School - Building Construction I

Riley Woods – Belmont High School - Building Construction I

Brycen Martin - Laconia High School - Law Enforcement

Chaz Hacking  - Belmont High School - Mfg. Eng. Tech 2

Nick Murray – Laconia High School - Pre Eng. 2

Courtney-Jean Stevens - Gilford High School - MET/pre Eng 1

Cierra Pinkney - Laconia High School - Careers in Education II

Elizabeth Davis - Laconia High School - Careers in Education I

Miranda Bushnell - Gilford - Careers in Education  I

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Culinary Arts Students Demonstrate Community Spirit

HTC_HTC_d3s6823_sStudents from the Culinary Arts Program at the Huot Technical Center are excited about their accomplishments and learning and wanted to show the community how they have mastered the concepts.   With proficiency, pride, and community spirit, the students participated in two meaningful community events.

First, the students baked cookies for the “Hands Across the Table” (HATT) dessert auction. Students teamed together, producing over 12 dozen assorted cookies to donate to the charity. The lesson was not only in the skills of baking, but the importance of good citizenship and developing community goodwill through their positive contribution. The cookie project helped HATT continue with their mission to offer free hot meals every Wednesday night from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the Parish Hall of St. Andre Bessette. This is truly an invaluable lesson at this giving time of year.

The second notable event hosted by the students was the Huot Culinary Arts First Annual Parents Dinner. Junior and senior students studying Culinary Arts showcased their skills and created a four-course meal.  Over 50% of invited parents participated in the event, coming from Belmont, Center Harbor, Franklin, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith and Winnisquam. The dinner was creatively crafted and comprised of appetizers, salad, various entrees and many delicious desserts all prepared and served by the students. Parents were proud and delighted to see their children in action, sample their creations, and communicate with teachers in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Parents were very impressed and enthusiastic about the positive environment of the program. One parent expressed appreciation by stating that her son enjoys this program – he does not want to miss a day.

The Culinary Arts program is a hands-on operation that provides the students with fundamental skills needed for employment in the food service industry and higher education. 100% of the students earn the Food Handlers Servsafe Certification and acquire a high standard of learning with both occupational training and academic excellence, which makes them prepared for their future college and career goals.  Immersed in the culinary world at the Huot, students master the use of food preparation, equipment and tools, menu planning principles, effective communication, math calculations, safety and sanitation, workflow between dining room and kitchen operations, recipe conversions, team work, time management, commitment and more.

Career Pathways for students after graduating from the Huot include: Cook, Executive Chef, Baker, Pastry Chef, Food Service Manager, Dietician, Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, General Manager.
For more information on the Culinary Arts program please contact:

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National Technical Honor Society Inducts 24 Students

Congratulations to the new members of the National Technical Honor Society. On Wednesday night, November 19th,  24 students from the Huot Technical Center were inducted into the prestigious National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) for outstanding achievement in their career & technical education programs.


Back row, left to right: William Gove, Automotive Technology, Zachary Hancock, Building Construction, Sean Cashman, Law/Pre-Engineering, Isaac Muniz, Plumbing & Heating, Eli Sorrell, Multimedia Communications, Devin Brown, Plumbing and Heating, Devin Akerley, Plumbing and Heating, Mohammad Abu Zaid, Multimedia Communications, Michael Ball, Plumbing and Heating, Danielle Maupin, Treasurer, Health Science and Technology, Kaidee Keyser, Health Science and Technology,  Emily Hauptman, Automotive Technology, Chelsey Drouin, Health Science & Technology,  David Engelsen, Health Science & Technology.   Front row: Alicia Gebo, Culinary Arts,  Devi Dhakal, Health Science & Technology, Nicole Rosas, Health Science & Technology, Bonita Olivares, Careers in Education, Sable Muzzey,  Careers in Education,  Lily Chanthasak, President, Allied Health Careers, Samantha Silva, Health Science & Technology, Taylor Cullen, Vice President, Health Science & Technology, Alyssa Hodges, Careers in Education, Sarah Dragon, Historian,  Health Science & Technology.



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Building Construction students connect to the community

Building Lockers 1Students from the Building Construction class built lockers for the non-profit, Gunstock Ski Club (GSC).   The club has grown in recent years and storage lockers used by members were in short supply. The perfect solution was to partner with the Building Construction program at the Huot Technical Center and local business Boulia Gorrell Lumber and Trustworthy Hardware.
The locker project was an excellent learning tool for the Building Construction students that provided quality education emphasizing core academic content, workplace competencies, technical skills, and better prepared students to meet challenges of the workforce.  The students successfully rose to all the challenges presented; the lockers were finished on time and completed to a high standard.

Boulia Gorrell Lumber provided materials for the project at discounted prices and Trustworthy Hardware donated the hardware need to provide tamper resistant doors.
To ensure the successful delivery to Gunstock Mountain, the students committed to a 5:00am start on a cold and wet Saturday morning, they  were all very competent, confident and happy to be part of the team.    GSC looks forward to having the quality built, low maintenance lockers for many years to come.


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